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Heart Strings

O'Donnell, Colm

...more details.


Ireland - Love of my Heart

O'Riordan, Annmarie

This is Annmarie's third CD after 'Harmony Handed Down' and 'Melody in Harmony' ...more details.


Oldtime Records Vol 2

Oldtime Records Vol 2 U.S. Recordings

Traditional Irish Recordings from 1923 to 1947 - A more comprehensive collection that Vol 1, this 23 track album features Coleman, Morrison, McKenna & those they played with. Also, at 71 minutes, its a powerful listening experience containing the full range of musicians, styles and old 78 nostalgia. Lovely, valuable archival collection!...more details.


My Love is in America - David Power

Power, David

David Power, uilleann piper, recorded this CD of traditional Irish music in New York in 2005. It is a fine example of piping and all the 'piping tunes' are included!...more details.


Leo Rickard - Pure Piping

Rickard, Leo

This is Leo's first solo Cd and all the tracks are piping classics. Most of the tumes have been recorded by the great pipers and some by Leo's contemporaries. ...more details.


Draíocht - Land's End

Rooney, Michael & McCormack, June

The twelve tracks offer a beautiful variety of what is best in Irish Traditional Music...more details.


A Musical Trip to Coleman Country

Various Artists

This is the second recording arranged by the Coleman Country musicians as their contribution to the building of the Coleman Heritage Centre. It features some of the finest traditional music performed by musicians from the South Sligo area...more details.

€16.50  €14.03

The Coleman Archive Vol 1 - The Living Tradition

Various Artists

This CD represents a broad cross section of recordings which exist in the music archive of the Coleman Heritage Centre, Gurteen, Co. Sligo.
Fiddle playing is well represented on the CD, this being a reflection on the popularity of the instrument in south Sligo a generation ago. ...more details.

€20.00  €10.00

The Coleman Archive Vol 2 - The Home Place

Various Artists

This is the second CD in a series of archive recordings from the Coleman Heritage Centre. In this selection, we have included, along with some well-known names from the Sligo tradition, a number of musicians who many listeners will be hearing for the first time. ...more details.

€16.50  €10.00

The Mountain Road - CD

Various Artists

A compilation of tunes popular in South Sligo.
This is the fourth recording under the Coleman Heritage label. It is intended as a companion volume to the written compilation. Here a number of artists from the locality play their individual versions of tunes selected from the book ...more details.

€16.50  €14.03