Ceoltóirí Coleman - The Killaville Sessions

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The Killaville Sessions

Ceoltóirí Coleman

18 tracks of Sligo Style music. This is the first CD recording of the group, Ceoltóirí Coleman. The group was formed as a resident group for weekly summer shows at the Coleman Music Centre. The musicians involved include some of the younger players from the locality, clearly demonstrating the vibrant tradition flourishing in the area.
Musicians include: Colm O'Donnell, Tommy Finn, Michael Hurley, Mairead Hurey, Colette Gaffney, Anne Marie McGowan,

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Piano & bouzouki accompaniment by Marie Lynn McHugh  
Track Listings   
>>1. The Providence, Paddy Mills, Maids of CastlebarReelsGroup
2. The Pipe on the Hob, Cailleach a Airgid.Duet Colette & Domhnaill (flute & fiddle)
3. The Shamrock ShoreSongSiobhán O'Donnell
4. The Blackberry Blossom, Ah SurelyReelsDuet: Tommy & Declan (Banjo & Accordion)
5. Brendan Tonra's, The Killaville, The Man in the bogJigsGroup
6. Josephine Marsh's, John Brosnan'sReelsConcertina Solo: Mairead Hurley
7. The High Level, Dunmore Lasses, Old Maids of SligoHornpipe & ReelsFlute Solo: Michael Hurley
8. Isle of Hope, Isle of TearsSongColm O'Donnell
9. The Enniscorthy SetJigsAccordion Solo: Declan Payne
10. Cus Teahen'sslow reels Fiddle & Piano Duet: John & Maria McHugh
11. George White's, Carracastle LassReelsGroup
12. A Stór Mo ChroíSlow AirFlute: Colette Gaffney
13. Garret Barry's, Sean Ryan's, The Piper's ChairJigsFiddle & concertina Duet: Michael & Mairéad Hurley
14. The Monasteraden Fancy, Paddy Jim Frank'sReelsFiddle & Flute Duet: Anne Marie McGowan & Colm O'Donnell
15. The Maid of Sweet GurteenSongColm O'Donnell
16. The Lark in the BogJigFiddle Solo: Domhnaill Hernon
17. The Wandering Minstrel, Fasten the Leg in Her, Tansey's DreamJigs Whistle & Bodhrán, Colm O'Donnell & Siobhan O'Donnell
18. Finn's Favourites, Jackie Coleman's, The Sligo DukeReelsGroup