Junior Davey and Friends - A Sound Skin

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A Sound Skin

Junior Davey and Friends

This is Junior' first solo album and has a fine selections of tunes in the true spirit of the south Sligo tradition.

The musicians featured on this CD are:
Junior Davey - Bodhrán, Bones
Declan Folan - Fiddle
Damien Stenson - Flute
Declan Payne - Piano Accordion
Teresa Payne - Banjo
Seamus O'Donnell - Saxophone, Whistle
Declan Courell - Guitar
Karin Wiidmmer - Bouzouki 
Track Listings   
>Tommy Peoples; The Silver Spearreels
William Thompson's; Mick Quinnsjigs
Martin Wynne's No 3; Devanney's Goatreels
The Grey Goosejig
Calum Campbell's Caprice; Martin Ansboro's Reelreels
Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part; The Killavil Jigjig
A View Across The Valley; The Curlew reels
Strike the Guy Harp; The Hag's Pursejigs
Martin Wynne's No 1 & 2; Junior's Favouritereels
Lucy Fahr's Jigsjigs
Glen of Aherlow; Tory Islandreel
Sound Skin / BodhrŠn Solo
The New Policeman; Liz Carroll's; The Stoney Stepsreels