Music and Song of South Ulster - Jig Away The Donkey

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Jig Away The Donkey

Music and Song of South Ulster


Featuring: Gerry - Fiddle - O'Connor, Gabriel McArdle & Martin Quinn

Musicians of the area in recent years have become more acutely appreciative of this song, music and dance body, as they develop their repertoires with melody and imagery which was once so familiar to their predecessors.

 In this album, Gerry, Martin and Gabriel present a celebration of carefully chosen elements of the South Ulster heritage. The recording invokes the charm and ease of past aesthetic geniuses whose sounds still today have challenge, meaning and artistic satisfaction for audiences in the 21st century.

Track Listings   
Laniganís Ball /Madam Iíd Love to Be Tossing Your Hay Jigs
The Cottage in the Grove /The Dandy /Over The Bridge To Beeta Reels
Bonny Wee Charlie Song
The Maid That Dare Not tell it /Jemmy Duffyís /Some Say the Devil Is Dead Highlands
Jacksonís Rum Punch/Tip into Bed Honey Jigs
Farewell Dear Erin Song
My Mind Will Never Be Aisy /The Piperís Maggot /The Whinny Hills of Leitrim Slip Jigs
Mohill SetReels
The Maids of Mullagh /The Mohill ReelSong
The Flowing Tide /The Man From Newry /The Boys Of Blue Hill Hornpipes
The Boys of25/Mickís Jig Away The Donkey /OíConnellís Reels
The Holland Hankerchief Song
The Boys of 25/Micks Jig away the Donkey/OíConnellsReels