Tommy Guihen - The Torn Jacket

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Tommy Guihen - The Torn Jacket

“Tommy Guihen is a remarkable musician. Steeped in the brilliant flute playing of the Roscommon, Sligo and Leitrim masters of the past, he has evolved his own distinctive way of playing with an infectious pulse, swing and vitality allied to an acute musical sensibility.” – Mick Moloney


Track Listing

  1. Reels: The View Across the Valley / Father Newman’s
  2. Jigs: Kilglass Lakes / Mouse in the Cupboard / The Fisherman’s Jig
  3. Reels: The Navy on the Shore / Peig McGrath’s / McFadden’s
  4. Slow Air: Lament for Jim Flynn
  5. Jigs: Connie the Soldier / Fasten the Leg In
  6. Reels: The High Hills of Largy / The Mossey Banks
  7. Reels: Darby’s Farewell / Father O’Grady’s Trip to Bocca / Baltimore Salute
  8. O’Carolan: Eleanor Plunkett
  9. Reels: The Master’s Return / Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel
  10. Hornpipes: The Killeigh / A Builder of Bridges
  11. Jigs: Killavil / Andy McGann’s / The Lark in the Morning
  12. Reels: The Bell Harbour / The Piper’s Despair / Boys of Dublin
  13. Slow Air: Úna Bhán
  14. Reels: The Parcel of Land / The Streetplayer / The Drunken Landlady
  15. Reels: Tonn Téine / The Torn Jacket / Longford Spinste