Various Artists - The Coleman Archive Volume 4 - The Past is Another Tune

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The Coleman Archive Volume 4 - The Past is Another Tune

Various Artists

This is the fourth CD collection in a series of archive recordings from the Coleman Heritage Centre having the general title THE COLEMAN ARCHIVE. As in the previous collections (vols. 1, 2 and 3), the musicians and singers come mainly from the south Sligo locality, but also include performers from the neighbouring counties of Mayo, Roscommon and Leitrim. The present collection features some individuals who, although lovingly remembered by those who heard them, would surely be among the many local musicians of the past whom time has silenced, had not these recordings been made. It is important to recognise the contribution to the cultural integrity of place and locality of those who carried out and preserved these recordings, confirming once again the richness of the oral tradition in Ireland. Some musicians have been included previously in the series, but the present tracks more than justify the often heard audience request “give us another”! All the tracks featured on this volume were either given to me personally and passed on to the archive or given directly to the Coleman Archive. As stated in the introductions to previous volumes in the series, sound quality varies, as none of the recordings were carried out in ideal, or even favourable, conditions, and occasionally voices are heard in the background, either to compliment or encourage the performer. One exception is track 10, where the original recording was made in a studio, but subsequent wear and tear of the actual surviving disc is evident. However, private recordings such as this are extremely hard to find in good condition at this distance in time. The project owes much to the skill and technical ability of Paschall De Paor (Coleman Music Centre) whose painstaking restoration of the original recordings makes all the difference. Gregory Daly, The Coleman Heritage Centre, Mount Irwin, March 2018



1.     1. Fred Finn/Peter Horan (fiddle, flute)

Reels: The Milestone in the Garden, Kiss the Bride in Bed, The Lady on the Island

2.      2. Fred Finn/Peter Horan

Jig: Gillian’s Apples

3.      Larry Redican (fiddle)

Reels: Over the Bog Road, The Duke of Leinster

4.      Larry Redican

Jig: Larry’s Delight

5.      Larry Redican

Reel: Kill Me Kate

6.      Larry Redican

Jig: The Orphan

7.      Peig (McGrath) Needham/Brid (McGrath)


Song: Lough Key in Ireland

8.      Johnny Kelly (tin whistle)

Reel: The Pigeon on the Gate

9.      Johnny Kelly (tin whistle)

Jig: Stray Fancy

10.   Kathleen Dwyer Morris/Kathleen

Harrington/Bridie Lafferty

(fiddle, fiddle, piano) Reels: Rakish Paddy, The Sligo Maid, The First House in Connacht.

11.   Frank Hannon/Jimmy Hannon

(fiddle, harmonica) Jig: Munster Buttermilk

12.   Peig Needham/Jimmy Murphy/Jimmy Duffy

(flute, fiddle, guitar) Reels: The Reel of Rio, Over the Bog Road, Buckleys

13.   Ellie Osborne (fiddle)

Polka: Maggie in the Wood

14.   Pat Osborne

Song: My Native Town of Boyle

15.   Fred Finn (fiddle)

Reel: Michael Reilly’s

16.   Sonny Flynn (button accordion)

Reel: Reidy Johnsons

17.   Condy O’Rourke (lilting)

Reel: The Duke of Leinster

18.   House Dance in Sherlock Home

19.   Pakie Duignan (flute)

Reel: The Boy in the Boat

20.   Pakie Duignan

Jigs: The Shores of Lough Gowna, The Mist on the Meadows

21.   Condy O’Rourke

Song: Shane McDermot

22.   Phil McConnon (fiddle)

Reels: The Girl Who Broke My Heart, The Connemara Stocking

23.   Katie Connell (accordion)

Jig: Connacht Mans Rambles

24.   Fred Finn/Peter Horan (fiddle, flute)

Reel: The Queen of May

25.   Fred Finn/Peter Horan

Reel: Sporting Paddy

26.   Johnny Kelly

Song: Davitt from Mayo

27.   Michael Daly/Frank Tegue (flute, guitar)

Reels: The Galway Rambler, The Flowers of Redhill

28.   Tommy Flynn (fiddle)

Reel: The Tramp

29.   Frank Hannon/Jimmy Hannon (fiddle, harmonica) Reel: The Sailor’s Bonnet

30.   Stephen Hannon

Song: To Look for a Wife

31.   Fred Finn (fiddle)

Reel: The Stoney Steps

32.   Fred Finn/Peter Horan

Reel: Trim the Velvet

33.   Fred Finn/Peter Horan

Jig: The Gold Ring