Andy Davey Sligo Fiddle Master

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Andy Davey Sligo Fiddle Master

Celebrating the Music of Andy Davey


The music was always a part of the Davey household as Andy’s parents were both musicians.  His father Dominic, played the fiddle, accordion and whistle and his mother Margaret the accordion.  Andy as a young boy would have seen many sessions in the kitchen of the house as neighbours from near and far would meet and play, sing and dance into the early hours of the morning. 

He started the whistle and accordion at approx 20 years of age.  He made very good progress on both as a result of all the music he heard in such a rich musical environment.  All Andy’s music was learned by air.  

Michael Coleman became his idol but he also liked listening to James Morrison, Paddy Killoran and the aforementioned James ‘Sonny’ Duffy.  Andy was twenty two years of age at this stage and his focus and determination & practice was going to see him develop as one of the great but lesser known fiddle players of the Sligo style.