Traditional Music Course for Leaving/Junior Cert Students

In consultation with music teachers, this specifically designed course, giving a practical demonstration of traditional music as it is played is an invaluable aid in the context of the Leaving/Junior Certificate music syllabus. The course focuses mainly on the listening aspect of the exam paper.
The Programme provides a practical demonstration of all instruments involved in contemporary traditional music and includes a similar approach with regard to traditional singing styles both in past and present.
The programme has a flexible timetable to meet the needs of students travelling a distance.


  • One day course
  • Aimed at Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate students but any music students would benefit from the course.
  • Aimed at the listening paper – a more practical approach
  • Samples of all musical instruments – especially the traditional ones, i.e. fiddle, flute, pipes, harp
  • Musical styles – regional
  • Ornamentation
  • Date and time can be arranged to suit your school
  • Special rates on mainline train
  • Lunch available at an extra cost

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